Whitewater School

So you want to be a river guide?

Whitewater school

We Are Hiring!

Our school is for both men and women of all age groups (minimum age 18) who are interested in either gaining knowledge for independent river touring, or who have a desire to become a commercial white-water river guide. During this course, you will learn the fundamental skills of reading whitewater and maneuvering rafts, as well as a full range of rafting safety and rescue procedures.

Topics covered will include the understanding of various water conditions, the appropriate way to swim rapids and eddies, throw-bag procedures, swiftwater rescue techniques, high-siding, flipping and unwrapping rafts, proper knots and recommended raft-rigging, hypothermia prevention and treatment, and natural history interpretation. Each year, depending on staff needs, Zephyr hires quite a few of its new guides directly from this school. Our school is not only informative and professional, but is also a lot of fun.

Days will be spent on various sections of the river, with classroom time in the evenings.

When, Where, Cost?

For information on our 2023 whitewater school, please call us at (209) 532-6249

Who are the Instructors?

Your “trainers” will be commercial guides/head guides/managers from our own company. We maintain a 4:1 trainee/trainer ratio allowing for an abundance of individual instruction. Emphasis will be on paddle rafts, but there will also be limited additional instruction in oar-powered rafts.

Am I guaranteed a job after graduation?

We do not “guarantee” that we will hire you just because you attend our school. That being said, we do prefer to hire new people from our own school graduates. Our school is also an interview process…we get to know you, and you get to know us, and if we feel you would be an asset to our organization, we would invite you to continue training with us (at no additional charge) after the basic school is completed. We are looking for people that get along well with others, that are personable, friendly, easy going, and love the outdoors.

Are there any pre-requisites?

To work as a commercial guide, you must be CPR and First Aid certified. Having already acquired these certifications before signing up for guide school is strongly recommended.

How do I sign up?

Just call our office for a white-water school information packet, or go directly to reservations and send in your request electronically.  If you have any questions at all, please call us and we would be happy to talk with you further.

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