Zephyr provides a diversity of rafts, both in size and function, on most trips. This not only gives you the opportunity to experience the river in a variety of ways, it also allows us to match water levels with suitable craft for maneuverability and safety.

Paddle Boats involve guest participation in getting through the rapids in response to commands from your guide. Everyone receives a paddle, and will be trained on paddle commands before the trip. On the Kings, Merced, and American Rivers, most of the rafts are paddle rafts.

Oar-Paddle Combos offer great maneuverability for high water trips or more technical whitewater. Everyone receives a paddle, while the guide in the back has a frame with 2 large oars. We typically use these rafts at higher water levels for more power, or for longer trips with more technical rapids. On the Tuolumne River, most of the rafts are Oar-Paddle Combo trips.

Oar Boats carry all the food and gear. These rafts have a large frame in the center of the raft, with 2 oars, and can be maneuvered and powered by a single Guide. We use oar boats (gear boats) on the Tuolumne River to carry our overnight gear, and occasionally on our Kings River to carry our Lunch, or for guests who want a more stable ride without having to paddle.

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