We at Zephyr take great pride in the food that we serve our clients on our river trips. Purchased with care, cooked with skill, and served with style, we guarantee that you will be impressed. And talk about ambiance!!! What better setting for eating than a soft rock in the morning’s sun overlooking a crystal clear Sierra Nevada river.

All Full Day or Multiday trips include Lunch served at the rivers edge. Our of deli lunches feature fresh turkey, roast beef, pastrami, cheeses, fresh pineapple, cookies, nuts, taco salads, tuna salads and more!

Our overnight trips and upgraded Kings trips include delicious breakfasts and dinners as well. From boneless chicken breasts, succulent Tri-tips, caesar salads, bulgar pilaf with fresh sautéed pine nuts, sautéed asparagus and yellow squash, lemon poppyseed cake covered with fresh berries and whipped cream (baked before your eyes in dutch ovens), mango salsa garnish, french toast with fresh orange zest, omelets, potatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables, afternoon hors d’oerves including pizzettas, smoked salmon spread, sliced watermelon, chips and salsa, and more. Have we said enough??

Food on the river

Our dinner wines (including both red and white table wines) are from various local wineries. Other beverages are available, including cold beer, soda, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cold juices, and ice cold spring water.

Our Kings River Camp boasts a complete outdoor kitchen operated by our chef/food buyer.

On rivers without the luxury of a permanent camp kitchen (Tuolumne, Merced), the food is excellent as well. We carry the whole kitchen on the rafts with us, and the result at mealtime is always impressive and tasty. So join us, enjoy a gourmet feast in the rugged outdoors!

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